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So much awesomeness. Thanks for this.

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Not bad, but there's a lot of balancing issues...the hit areas are kind of random, there seems to be no reason to use any weapon but the rifles except for ammunition issues. The bosses have a seemingly interminable life level, the enemies are all pretty much the same and seem to follow virtually the same scripting.

It just feels kind of unpolished, although it's fun enough for a little while.

I'm pretty sure I could have coded this, if I took one class on how to code something. I'm sure there's an in-joke here that's awesome, but I must have missed it.

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Hmm...I like some of the riffs, and the sound is pretty good overall. Is that EZDrummer? The only problem is that the lyrics are...a touch unpolished to put it mildly. There's some good word-painting, but it doesn't actually make anything clear beyond "You lie, and have weird religious thoughts, there's something wrong with you, and I don't like you." As a listener, I want to know how she put god in a bottle...what she lied about...how she scared your friends away. What's it mean? What's it say about life? What's it say about God? What the heck is auto conception?!?Find words to answer those questions and the song would be awesome.

But...you probably wrote this to put in song about someone who pissed you off. So, the song did its job. So, don't pay any attention to me anyways.

RawGreen responds:

It's Fruityloop's FPC, I use the Gretch Full preset. If you look under Scores and then FPC drumloops, there's roughly 1700 different midi files. They're well organized but some of them will need a little bit of TLC to fit your song's needs.

Thanks a lot for the insight on the vocals! I'll be sure to make lots of notes next time to be sure I'm delivering an understandable message to the audience.
I always appreciate any feedback!

Just to clarify this song was made as a gift for my friend, something to speak for him about his frustrations. He was in a relationship with a woman who's mother went around trying to destroy his life because his face resembled her ex-husband's, and used her religion to justify her actions.

Yeah, boss...this is a good song. I think the production leaves a lot to be desired, so I wouldn't put it on my iPod yet, but the source material is there.

This is awesome. it just does what it says on the can, you know? It could get annoying if it looped more than a few minutes, but I really like what you did with this.

retrobox2 responds:

Thanks! and yeah it is a really short loop made specially for a minigame so it's not meant to be playing for minutes!



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